The Black Background

Both the Rockers and the Patch consist of a black background that represents the black and dark void that is left when an officer is killed in the line of duty. The watchdog wears a black collar as a constant reminder for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice while ensuring the safety of others.

The Watchdog

The protector of life and property is always on guard! The watchdog represents that police emergency personnel are always on guard to protect and serve citizens of their communities.

The Sword Holding the Scales of Justice

The sword is the universal symbol of courage and victory and often used as a symbol of a highly skilled knight protecting his castle or land. Attached to the scales of justice, the sword represents our courage to uphold the law.

The Scales of Justice

Balancing justice, the Roman goddess of justice was called Justitia and was often portrayed as evenly balancing both scales. The Law Dogs support enforcing both the spirit and the letter of the law while balancing the two and while protecting the rights of all we serve.